Why is HMS important for a hospital??

Hospital Management System (HMS) was introduced to solve the complications coming from managing all the paper works of every patient associated with the various departments of hospitalization with confidentiality. HMS provides the ability to manage all the paperwork in one place, reducing the work of staff in arranging and analyzing the paperwork of the patients. HMS does many works like: Maintain the medical records of the patient Maintain the contact details of the patient Keep track of the appointment dates Save the insurance information for later reference Tracking the bill payments. The advantages of HMS can be pinpointed to the following: Time-saving Technology Improved Efficiency by avoiding human errors Reduces scope for Error Data security and correct data retrieval made possible Cost effective and easily manageable Easy access to patient data with correct patient history Improved patient care made possible Easy monitoring of supplies in inventory Reduces the work of documentation Better Audit controls and policy compliance..

Hospital Management System Billing system Module

1. Patient bill print
2. Patient account
3. Patient Test history
4. Add, edit and delete test name and price.
5. Patient account
6. Daily collection report
7. Due amount report Features
8. Discount report
9. Vat collection report
10. Income statement



1. Doctor's monthly referral
2. Doctor's daily referral
3. Doctor's personal referral details
4. Add new doctor
5. Edit doctor's commission



1. Test result entry
2. Pathology and Ultra sound
3. Auto reporting system
4. Test normal value Add
edit and delete.