University management system

University management system (UMS) is a web-based solution which covers all aspects of colleges, universities and schools. It is developed for conducting, monitoring & analyzing complex activities of the University and its affiliated colleges like Centralized Admission, Centralized Examination, and much more...

University Management System Admin Module

1. Administratiue
2. Academic
3. Patient Test history
4. Job Placement Sell.

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1. Student Profile
2. Student Account
3.Student Routine
4.Class Note Download
5 Feedback
6.Admit Card
7Result View
8. Semester Plan


1.Class test Marks Entry
2.Class test Marks Edit
3.Lesson Plan Management
4.Result Management
5.Lecture Note
6.Sheet Upload
7.Question Upload
8.Semester Plan
9.Personal Attendance
10.Student Class-
11.Attendance system
12.Inter Communication
13.Personal accounts.


1.Student Profile
2.Student Account
3.Student Routine
4.Class Note Download
6.Lesson Feedback
7.Admit Card
8.Result View
9.Online Application
10.Semester Plan-
11.Teacher Evaluation
12.Inter Communication