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Al-Baraka Soft Was Established In The Year 2008 As A Software Development Company,Web Hosting ,Data Entry And IT Academy.We Have a Group Of Highly Experienced, Trained and Dedicated professionals Who Can Developed Software According To Your Requerment.We Value Client Relationships. We Believe In Working Closely With Our Clients To Understand Their Business And Their Requerments,So That We Can Beliver The Right Solution.


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Important Technical Skills With Examples

Recruiters and hiring managers look for candidates who can jump right in on the first day of work and start helping the company achieve its goals. That means finding people with the right technical skills to get the job done. Many technical skills require training and experience to master. They are also typically a type of hard skill. Hard skills are those that can be taught in a classroom, and can be defined, evaluated, and measured (as opposed to soft skills, which are personal attributes that help you succeed at work).1 What Are Technical Skills? Technical skills are the abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks. They are practical, and often relate to mechanical, information technology, mathematical, or scientific tasks. Some examples include knowledge of programming languages, design programs, mechanical equipment, or tools. While technical skills are often most important for jobs related to information technology (IT) and other fields in the sciences, many other industries also want employees with at least some technical skills. In addition to the technical skills that are needed in the workplace, your command of job-specific skills can help ensure you get hired or promoted. Often technical, hard, and job-specific skills are interchangeable, but this is not always the case. Of course, required skills will vary based upon the job for which you're applying, so be sure to be specific when listing hardware, software, programs, applications, etc. Depending on the job you seek, a batch of skills can be referred to as a skill set or hybrid skills, as these skills often go together within a specific profession or industry Top 20 Tech Skills Zippia has compiled a list of the top 20 tech skills (based on an analysis of over 3 million job postings). Coding skills are at the top of the list, followed by data analysis and social media.2 C++ SQL Python Java R Facebook HTML Ladder JavaScript Twitter LinkedIn Servers Network Security Instagram Big Data Algorithms SPARK SAS Artificial Intelligence Ruby Technical Skills Listed by Type Big Data Analysis Nearly every industry today relies on data, whether it is data about their clients or the success of their product. While it is easy for companies to get data, they need employees who can collect, organize, and then interpret that data. Data analysis skills most valued by employers include: Algorithms Analytical Skills Big Data Calculating Compiling Statistics Data Analytics Data Mining Database Design Database Management Documentation Modeling Modification Needs Analysis Quantitative Research Quantitative Reports Statistical Analysis Coding and Programming Even if the job you’re applying for is not for a “coder” or “programmer,” most employers will look carefully at an applicant with some coding experience. Being able to code, and to understand multiple programming languages, will make you a strong candidate in many jobs. Several of the key technical skills sought in IT job candidates include: Applications Certifications Coding Computing Configuration Customer Support Debugging Design Development Hardware HTML Implementation Information Technology ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Infrastructure Languages Maintenance Network Architecture Network Security Networking New Technologies Operating Systems Programming Restoration Security Servers Software Solution Delivery Storage Structures Systems Analysis Technical Support Technology Testing Tools Training Troubleshooting Usability Project Management This might seem to be more of a soft skill than a hard skill, but project management is critical for all technical projects. And, it often requires using complex programs and systems, which aren't always easily mastered. Being a good project manager means being an effective leader, delegating tasks, and measuring the success of each project. Benchmarking Budget Planning Engineering Fabrication Following Specifications Operations Performance Review Project Planning Quality Assurance Quality Control Scheduling Task Delegation Task Management.


Inventory management can make or break a business. Inventory is often the largest item in the current assets category on a balance sheet. Issues with inventory can contribute to business losses, even failures. Proper management of the supply chain, on the other hand, can allow a business to thrive. Good inventory management strikes a balance between the amount of inventory coming in and going out. It controls the timing and costs of non-capitalized assets and stock items, allowing a business to reach optimal profitability...

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Importance of diagnostic centres

Medical diagnosis of patients of various ages and genders is done at a diagnostic centre. These centres are equipped with the required laboratory equipments and trained staff along with medical personnel that assist them in the process of identifying diseases in a patientwho is showing particular symptoms or signs. The best diagnostic centre in Hyderabad offers unparalleled diagnostic services. Listed below are a few pointers which indicate the importance of diagnostic services- Quality medical diagnosis has a correlation with better health care. It is a medically proven fact that diseases such as cancer, diabetes and tumour if detected at early stages can be cured effectively if diagnosed and treated and in some cases even before the patient startsshowing the signs and symptoms of the diseases. Diagnostic centres in Hyderabad are adept at determining if a patient is vulnerable to a particular disease. Thus, if a disease’s risk is detected; the patient can take appropriate medications before its onset and can reduce the chances of further complications. Diagnostic centres in Hyderabad not only help in identifying diseases but also show the path to treatment, which are sometimes in comparison more effective and less painful when compared to the treatments offered or suggested by medical practitioners or private hospitals. The best diagnostic centres in Hyderabad often monitor the patient’s medical treatment and suggests ways to treat the harmful diseases. Most importantly diagnostic centres are also adept at giving accurate estimations regarding the patient’s prognosis. Financial benefits of diagnostic centres are plenty. One of the most important is that if a particular disease is diagnosed in the early stages or the risk is discovered the patient has to spend less on his health care. Accurate diagnosis also reduces risk of trial and error treatment; and the patient is less exposed to harmful X-rays. Good diagnosis and diagnostic centres play a vital role in identification and containing of infectious and contaminable diseases. The clinician in charge decides and recommends which test should be taken by the patient. He does so on the basis of the symptoms shown by the patient. If too many patients are showing the same symptoms and are diagnosed with the same disease, it clearly is a sign of widespread flu or endemic. Diagnostic centres and their patients are also called upon by researchers for studies pertaining to epidemics and endemics. Their patient history and methods help the researchers in the advancement of medical science. Thus, diagnostic centres play an important role in the medical field and are considered a vital part of disease diagnosis and treatment.

Software development

Software development refers to the design, documentation, programming, testing, and ongoing maintenance of a software deliverable. The combination of these steps are used to create a workflow pipeline, a sequence of steps that when followed produce high-quality software deliverables.

How Does Software Development Add Value to Your Business?

Digitalization is a huge trend right now that defines and shapes many businesses. It is impossible to imagine a supply chain, restaurants, service providing companies, construction companies, and many other businesses without holistic software solutions and apps. The benefits of digitalization are obvious. It helps to optimize working processes within the company, reach out to your clients, and create web and mobile presence able to attract not only customers but also potential investors interested in your business. Without doubt, software development can add value to your business. So if one day you decide to sell your business, expand your company horizons, or find new growth opportunities, then the software can become your main advantage, able to attract either good investors or potential buyers of your business. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this topic and discover how to increase the value of your company, in what solutions it is better to invest, and how to value the project which development you are going to initiate.Business value is a holistic concept and it can be defined by numerous factors. Since the main goal of business is to expand the capabilities of the services or goods it is aimed to distribute, so the business value can be measured taking this goal into account. So if you are considering digital transformation and still have doubts whether any technology can boost your business value, we would recommend you to pay attention to the following points: The impact of technology on your company revenue. The ability of technology to lower costs you are currently spending. The ability of software to boost your company productivity. The impact of implemented technology on your employee management. The ability of technology to improve customer service and satisfaction. If the technology can address all your current challenges then it can be called a good investment. And as a result, it can boost your business and increase its value. According to the article posted by Forbes innovation technologies can play a supporting role in any business and on top of that they can drive the business value drastically. After considering some pros and cons of software development you may ask yourself quite a reasonable question: “Why should I invest in something new if I already have some good solutions helping my company to function fine?” Of course, maintenance of existing digital products seems a more reasonable decision from a finance and time perspective. However, you should take into account that sticking with old business ways will not open new doors for you and will not let you get new business value. That is why you should shift your focus toward innovation. Technology develops extremely fast and if it is not used in your company, then chances are that some years later your competitors who use better and newer technologies will take leading positions on the market. Let’s take a look at a good example to prove our point. The American Enterprise Institute made a research in which they compared Fortune lists of top 500 companies. The first list demonstrated the leaders of 1995 and the second one included the main companies of 2017. It turned out that only 60 out of 500 businesses were mentioned in both lists. Why exactly did it happen? Simply because all other companies missed their innovation opportunity. The market has been changing, new technologies appeared each year and those companies that ignored technological progress or stuck with the old methods were left behind.

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